Smart is not what you are. Smart is what you become with hard work.
— Harvest Network of Schools


At Best Academy our mission is to instruct, empower, enable, and guide children to achieve superior academic, social, and moral development.


 Best Academy’s vision is for every child to be college and career ready. 


The Best Academy was established in 2008 as a single-gender school to address the unique educational needs of African American boys. The same year that the Best boys program was created, Sister Academy (a program for girls) was developed within the Harvest Preparatory School. 

Best Academy East was established in 2010 after members of the East African Somali community in Minneapolis approached Harvest Network of Schools founders, Eric and Ella Mahmoud, and asked them to consider starting a program to meet the unique cultural and academic needs of their burgeoning English Language Learner (ELL) community.